Known X Unknown

KNOWN X UNKNOWN is an intermediate series of work created during ERYN's three month residency along with AJIM JUXTA during the sembilan Art Residency Program from January to April 2015. The residency took place in Seremban Old Town and culminated with an exhibition at Aku Cafe & Gallery in China Town, Kuala Lumpur. Below is an excerpt from the exhibition catalogue penned by XY of Chalk and Raddy, an online art magazine and co-manager of the sembilan Art Residency Program.

"Known Unknown by ERYN alludes us to the mysteries of the unknown creatures hidden within objects that are familiar to us. With a talent in defining details, ERYN challenges the viewer with identifying realistic subjects within a surreal context. In her continual effort to find a balance between preserving her style and being contemporary, ERYN documents her observations of current worldly trends within her whimsical interpretation of nature. In King of Everything, ERYN's detailed rendition of a decaying, embellished kingfisher holding on to as much as he can, as his soul lingers caged in a bodily husk, tells the story of how mankind, despite being held captive within his material world, still desperately tries to enrich himself. In Tell Me About Yourself (diptych), the story of a modern long distance relationship plays out within two beautifully crafted wooden panels, with detailed drawings of two beings in conversation via modern day technology.

A special feature of the residency is for the artists to collaborate on two pieces of work. In Season #2, ERYN and AJIM JUXTA reveal two pieces emanating from the underlying themes of both artists' message. Beauty in the Grotesque and Magic in the Mundane depicts the gradual disappearance of the natural self, in the form of a possessed hermit crab and a mushrooming mind (quite literally). It tells of how, when materialism takes over, it has the power to turn us into parasites that leaches from the world out of greed. However, we simply have to look inside to seek reprieve and reclaim that little bit of peace and magic that leads to greater fulfillment. These collaborative pieces are produced with a great sense of artistic teamwork and mutual influences, which embodies the spirit of the sembilan Art Residency Program."

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