OTHERWORLD came about as a way for ERYN to document her perception of the world around her through her imagination. The Otherworld is accessed through a pathway of dreams and half-remembered memories which are transcribed by the artist into black and white drawings. These drawings brings the viewer into strange vistas populated by odd creatures performing a variety of roles and actions. The appearance of cats is largely inspired by the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, in particular The Cats of Ulthar and The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath. In those stories, cats act as an intermediary between the waking reality and the dream world. Their presence in the drawings help guide the adventurer along safer paths. 

Instead of appearing menacing, the strange creatures and monsters populating this world are depicted in fairly mundane settings, having their meals (The Spider Cafe), listening to stories (Telling Tales), or just generally travelling from one scenario to the next. Humans play a minor role in this realm and they are often shown as children who are travelling through this strange and topsy-turvy world. This series is currently dormant as the themes explored here are being continued in the Diorama and Strange Botanicals series.