STRANGE BOTANICALS is an exploration into a diverse cast of characters and narratives set in a bizarre and imaginary world. Most of the narratives revolve around Durianhead, and intrepid adventuress and traveler. She is the embodiment of curiosity as she traverses this strange world with her little four-legged Mangosteen friend. She is sometimes shown following the GPS app on her handphone. Where the app is leading her, no one knows. Sometimes, she encounters and befriends other strange characters on this journey. Recurring characters include Fish-Head who has the head of a Salema porgy or a deamfish. Fish-Head goes with he flow and brings strange dreams to those around him though he himself can never sleep. Another character, the Soursop Man, had stolen the key to Lockjaw the Crocodile Man's mouth. Lockjaw was a human shaman who had put himself into an albino crocodile's body to become immortal. His fear of death caused him to remove his mouth and keep it inside a locked box so he would never utter the reversal spell by mistake. Lockjaw wore the key around his neck and keeps the box hidden in a mangrove swamp. After the Soursop Man had stolen his key, Lockjaw has been chasing him all over the land without stopping. The Soursop Man is missing his heart which had been removed by a mysterious Melonhead in the past. He has been stealing things to construct a mechanical heart secreted away in the depths of a tropical jungle. He recently found a wind-up motor and installed it into his mechanical heart. After seeing the key around Lockjaw's neck, Soursop Man had stolen it so that he could wind the motor up. Now if only he could get ahead and evade Lockjaw long enough to get back to his heart. Finally, there's the Hornbill Brothers who had lost their jungle home to a voracious tree-eating monster. They now wander the land aimlessly, searching for a place to belong. Along the way, they get into various misadventures and misdirection.