Tree of Life

The TREE OF LIFE series is centered around the tree being a nurturing source of life, shelter and stories. The tree's structure of roots, trunk and leaves is the link that unifies the elements of water, earth, air and the sun. In this way the tree represents the creation of life through the transformation of these elements into matter. The trees are represented in the miniaturized form of a bonsai which are planted in various pots or other containers. An example would be the Blessed Sakura tree which has grown out of a giant, floating barnacle. The use of shells as a vessel for the growing tree has roots in the idea of memento mori. After the inhabitant has passed on, these vacant shelters become new homes for a sprouted tree. By miniaturizing and planting the tree in a pot or shell, each tree is isolated from its natural surroundings. This places the tree in its own space so the viewer can focus on the narrative in each piece. This series is currently dormant as most of the themes here are being explored in the Strange Botanicals series.